Camera Austria

About us

Since 1980 Camera Austria International magazine has been fostering debate on the role of photography as situated between art and mass medium, between aesthetics and social practice, between discourse and the documentary, politics and imagery. Established 1980 by Christine Frisinghelli, Seiichi Furuya, and Manfred Willmann the bilingual (German/English) published magazine continues to occupy a special, internationally respected role in the scope of discourse on photography as a contemporary art practice.
Comprising the core of the magazine are monographic contributions about artists who are key to a current view of photography. For instance in the Forum section, young international positions are introduced that are not yet well-known. And in the Column section, cultural and political explorative questions pertaining to the photographic image are developed by renowned authors, each over the course of an entire year. The profile of the magazine is rounded out by detailed reviews of current books and international exhibitions.

The exhibition programme at our venue in Graz focuses on issues which, against the backdrop of overall cultural conditions, address the dispositifs of photography, new image technologies, as well as their methods of agency and patterns of reception. Of repeated interest here are topical issues of societal relevance, where pictures (including photographic ones) ultimately play a pivotal role.

In the Edition Camera Austria, books on important topics are published on a regular basis, on occasion in cooperation with prominent artists.

Since 2001 Camera Austria has been maintaining the photographic archive of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, and since 2003 the exhibition “Images d’Algérie” has been shown worldwide by numerous other art institutions.

Starting in 1989 the Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography by the City of Graz has been presented every two years to an artist whose work was published in the magazine. The distinction counts among the most highly endowed prizes for artistic photography in Europe. The award was most recently bestowed upon Danish artist Joachim Koester in 2013.

With over 9,000 monographies, exhibition catalogues, reference works, and publications on the history and theory of photography since the 1970s—in addition to more than 6,000 titles from approx. 70 magazines—our public library in Graz provides opportunities for researching the associations between photography and contemporary art against an international background.


  • Camera Austria im / at Kunsthaus Graz
    Aussenansicht / Exterior view
    Margherita Spiluttini und dann (reframing architecture), 21.4.2012 - 10.6.2012
    Photo: Iris Ranzinger

  • unser Büro / our office
    Photo: Camera Austria

  • Unexpected Encounters
    Camera Austria 2013
    Photo: Christine Winkler

  • Helmut & Johanna Kandl: You only live twice
    An evening of story telling
    Photo: Camera Austria

  • Communitas. Unter anderen / Among others, 25.9.2011 - 1.1.2012
    Eröffnung / Opening, 24.11.2011
    Camera Austria 2011
    Photo: Alessio Eberl

  • Communitas. Unter Anderen / Among Others
    Camera Austria 2011
    Photo: Ortweinschule, Graz

  • Milk Drop Coronet
    30 Ausstellungen zur Virtuosität des Dinglichen / 30 Exhibitions on the Virtuosity of Thingness
    Camera Austria 2011
    Photo: Christian Wachter

  • Elke Krystufek
    Für das Glück zuständig / Responsible for a certain amount of luck
    Camera Austria 2009
    Photo: Christian Wachter

  • Aglaia Konrad
    Camera Austria 2004.
    Photos: Manfred Willmann