Camera Austria International at the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie


9.9.2017, Zephyr – Raum für Fotografie, Mannheim, C4, 9, Free entrance


Sven Johne and members of the Migrant Image Research Group in conversation with Florian Ebner and Reinhard Braun (Publisher Camera Austria International) on the ethics of making images. Followed by: Arwed Messmer in conversation with Florian Ebner on the latent images of the archive.


Reception and Magazine Release Camera Austria International 139 (Guest editors: Urban Subjects)


In the framework of the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie, on view from 9 September 2017 in MannheimLudwigshafen, and Heidelberg, we present the latest issue of Camera Austria International 139 (out 13 September). Reinhard Braun will join a conversation with Sven Johne, Florian Ebner, and members of the Migrant Image Research Group.

The Biennale, curated by Florian Ebner, Christin Müller, Fabian Knierim, Boaz Levin, Kerstin Meincke, and Kathrin Schönegg, takes its leave from photography as it has been known hitherto. Under the title Farewell Photography, it will shed light on radical ways of handling images in the digital age and present an alternative look at photography’s history. The Biennale will be showing works by more than 60 international photographers and artists in seven chapters in seven museums of the region.

Duration: 9.9.–5.11.2017, Opening: 8.9.2017