published on 16. May 2018

Karina Nimmerfall: Indirect Interviews with Women

For her project “Indirect Interviews with Women,” Karina Nimmerfall researched material from the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex and selected interviews conducted in 1941—during the period of the London bombings—with women about their respective living situation, their wishes and hopes for the time after the war. She juxtaposes these—edited—interviews with present-day photographs […]


CURRENT: 19.5.–1.7.2018

Karina Nimmerfall
Indirect Interviews with Women

In the last two years and a half, Karina Nimmerfall has been working on an extensive project that she researched, in the scope of her studio scholarship in autumn 2015, both on site in London and in the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex. The series is based on historical records from the […]


published on 14.3.2018

141 | 2018

Throughout all of last year, we’ve devoted much thought to the archive as a compendium of documents, a space for analyzing history, an institution, and a form of cultural memory—in its aesthetics as well as its politics, as a material practice and as an idea. We’ve done this with an intensity that quite possibly still […]


22.5.2018, 6 pm

Artist’s talk: Adrià Julià
“Hot Iron” and “Hot Iron Marginalia”

Adrià Julià will present “Hot Iron” and “Hot Iron Marginalia”, the titles of his two exhibitions using as a springboard a family photographic archive that catalogued 556 Romanesque churches, most of them in Catalonia, and south of France, between the 1950s and the 1990s. The titles comes from the saying “to strike while the iron […]


published on 23. April 2018

Martin Behr, Martin Osterider: Triester 13

Since 2003 the artists Martin Behr and Martin Osterider, both born 1964 in Graz, have been embarking on photographic forays into the Triester settlement in the Graz district of Gries, where they both grew up—independently of one another and on a regular basis. They always take the same two paths on family walks: the “long” […]


2.5. - 6.5.2018

Frieze New York 2018

Camera Austria International 141 at Frieze New York: Taking place on Randall’s Island Park May 2 – 6, the seventh edition of Frieze New York brings together more than 190 leading galleries from 30 countries, showcasing ambitious presentations and new commissions by significant international artists from emerging talents to seminal and rediscovered 20th century masters. […]




MISS READ – The Berlin Art Book Fair 2018 will take place between May 4 and May 6, 2018 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt and will bring together a wide selection of 260+ publishers, art periodicals and artists/authors. This year’s edition will have a special focus on Japanese publishers. In conjunction, the sixth Conceptual Poetics Day will explore the imaginary […]



Horáková + Maurer

The works shown for the first time in this exhibition at Camera Austria go back to the years 1996 to 2000, when Tamara Horáková + Ewald Maurer started intensively exploring the properties of Polaroid TPX radiographic slide film, which lends the exhibition its name. It is an exposure technique originating from the medical field or […]



Art Brussels 2018

Since its inception, Art Brussels has evolved into one of the top European contemporary art fairs. Over 19 – 22 April 2018 (Preview 19 April 2018), the European capital becomes a focal point for collectors, gallerists and art lovers from all over the world. Art Brussels provides a unique opportunity to explore the artistic richness of the city, […]


10.4.2018, 6 pm

Artists’ talk and book signing:
Horáková + Maurer with Reinhard Braun

We cordially invite to the artists’ talk in the frame of our current exhibition “Horáková + Maurer: TPX-Index.” The artists will speak about their work with the curator and publisher Reinhard Braun. It will be possible to purchase their books published on the occasion of the exhibition and to have them signed! We are very […]


published on 09. March 2018

Horáková + Maurer: TPX-Index

The works published for the first time in this book go back to the years 1996 to 2000, when Tamara Horáková and Ewald Maurer started intensively exploring the properties of Polaroid TPX radiographic instant film, which lends the project its name. It is an exposure technique originating from the medical field or security sector, which […]


21.3.2018, 6 pm

Lecture Performance
Andrea Palašti: A Walk through the Zoo

“In the accompanying ideology, animals are always the observed. The fact that they can observe us has lost all significance. They are the objects of our ever-extending knowledge. What we know about them is an index of our power, and thus an index of what separates us from them. The more we know, the further […]


16.3.2018, 6 pm

Magazine Release and Artist Talk

On the occasion of the magazine presentation of Camera Austria International no. 141, Cana Bilir-Meier and Ayşe Güleç discuss questions of alienation, memory, and critical representation in the photographic and filmic work of Bilir-Meier. The artist’s spot “Bestes Gericht” (Best Court Ever, 2017) for the Tribunal “NSU-Komplex-auflösen” is part of the program of Diagonale – Festival of Austrian […]


published on 13. February 2018

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13.2.2018, 6 pm

Markus Krottendorfer: Golden Years – Surprise Pink
An evening with 6 slide shows and music

The performative slide shows by Markus Krottendorfer, situated between photography and film, show “common” places (or non-places) taken from everyday life like bus terminals, fish markets, or shopping centers which are then juxtaposed with architectural manifestations of power like military bases or financial hubs. Here he is not concerned primarily with the various architectural structures, […]


6.2.2018, 6 pm

Exhibition tour
Un-Curating the Archive II: 1990 – 2002
with Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch

In the context of the two-part exhibition project “Un-Curating the Archive,” Camera Austria has digitalized and published a large portion of its archive. This makes Camera Austria one of the few organizations, if not the only one, in the realm of contemporary art in Austria that has made their archive openly available to the public […]


published on 19.12.2017

140 | 2017

“There are people who want the past to be repeated, so they ensure that we cannot remember it,” as Priya Basil notes in Lettre International No. 118, citing Paul Krugman. I can hardly imagine a more apt description of the consolidation of reactionary political powers, now playing out in Austria as well, on the heels […]