Residency Program at WRO Art Center (Wroclaw/Poland) for Artists, Curators, and Art Mediators based in Austria


WRO RES program

A four-week residency program at WRO Art Center for artists / curators / art mediators based in Austria

The WRO Center for Media Art Foundation in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw and the Artist-in-Residence Programme AiR Wro launches an open call for one artist-in-residence position at WRO Art Center, Wroclaw, Poland. 

Dates and deadlines:

Application deadline: August 28th, 2017

Announcement of the elected artist: September 6th, 2017

Residency period: October 1st-31st, 2017

Who can apply?

Artists / curators / art mediators based in Austria, working with video, installation, digitization and archiving who want to:

  • prepare and present together with our team of curators & archivists a screening program with videos from the WRO archive & collection within the cycle Tapes: Rewind. The theme of the program would refer to William Gibson’s Neuromancer’s opening sentence: “The sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel”
  • propose and carry out a 1-3 day long workshop (or another form of creative activity) connected with his/her practice and the actual process of elaborating the WRO archive, and curate a screening program.The activity shall be conceived for a certain target audience, preferably for & with students, grown-up and senior citizens.

Key words: tech-noir, cyberpunk, air/sky pollution, systems, draft, ecology, art, manifestation, technological dystopia, communication, artist’s presence, social interaction

We look for an engaged and a self-reliant person who enjoys team working in the field of audience-oriented, inclusive art practices.

What we offer:

  • free accommodation in an apartment at the Edith-Stein-House;
  • a work place in the premises of WRO Art Center (no separate studio);
  • a residency grant of 600 EUR (calculated on the basis of 20 EUR/day);
  • travel cost refund of max. 250 EUR;
  • budget for workshop materials in the amount of max. 200 EUR.

WRO Art Center

Widok 7
50-052 Wroclaw
tel. +48 71 343 32 40