Open Call for the ShowOFF Section of Krakow Photomonth


Submission deadline: 7 January 2018

May 2018 will mark a decade since the inaugural ShowOFF exhibitions originally opened, being part of Krakow Photomonth Festival. Our tenth anniversary programme offers yet another exciting opportunity to highlight photographers for whom an exhibition within ShowOFF Section has the potential to similarly kickstart a vibrant career.

A decade in, we are now able to trace the arc of the section’s success in this regard, as even a partial list of notable ShowOFF debutants would have to include creators such as Michał Łuczak, Diana Lelonek, Dominika Gęsicka, Filippo Menichetti & Martin Errichiello, Weronika Gęsicka, and Terje Abusdal, all of whom have since gone on to establish themselves as visual artists to be reckoned with, gaining recognition both across Poland and beyond. ShowOFF Section is a unique part of the Krakow Photomonth programme and it remains committed to the promotion and dissemination of the work of promising visual artists making their debuts on the stage of international photography. Year to year, the open call attracts high level of interest of over than 600 artists both from Poland and abroad, who are very often graduates or students of the biggest art universities and schools.

To curate this tenth anniversary edition of ShowOFF, we have assembled a jury of photography experts from Poland and abroad: Filip Ćwik, Karol Hordziej, Jenny Nordquist, and Karolina Puchała-Rojek. Each curator will choose two projects from the batch of submissions, and then will work in close coordination with the selected artists to hone each project’s final exhibited form. Assuming the role of curator, I will be on the lookout for unconventional viewing experiences, and for attempts at transcending the pure photographic image. I always dwell longer on formal distortions, ambiguities, and imperfections. I am interested in the path taken, though not necessarily in the path’s destination itself. – says Filip Ćwik, explaining his expectations towards the submissions. Jenny Nordquist likes to be surprised by artists who find new ways of pushing the limits of photography both aesthetically and conceptually. Read more about curators‘ expectations on the Krakow Photomonth website and follow @krakowphotomonth on Instagram, where they share their inspirations and favourite photograps, exhibitions or photobooks.

ShowOFF is the section of Krakow Photomonth devoted to up-and-coming photographers and multimedia artists, allowing them to present their debut projects to the diverse, international audience Photomonth draws to the city of Krakow each spring. We invite all artists taking their very first steps on the arts scene to apply. (And it’s worth emphasising, too, that age makes no difference here.) So who qualifies as a debutant? Artists who, regardless of age, have never had an individual exhibition in a major arts centre, such as a museum, or an art gallery which represents and actively promotes its artists; and who have yet to win any awards at festivals or photography-related events. We seek submissions from photographers, as well as from multimedia artists.

Submissions should be made by first registering at and then paying the 10 euro application fee. The deadline for submitting projects is midnight on 7 January, 2018 (CET). The jury will accept photography and/or multimedia projects, whether considered completed or still in progress. Only one project may be submitted per applicant, and submitted projects cannot exceed twenty photographs. There are otherwise no restrictions in terms of technique or subject matter.

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