THE 2020 ARGOS OPEN CALL for artists based in Belgium


Through this open call, ARGOS strongly seeks to support atypical audiovisual works that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to realise. We hope that our unique institutional context, one that engages the entire life cycle of audiovisual artworks, from their inception to their archiving, provides a stimulating framework for artists to work in.
The format of an open call is a new one for ARGOS, but we are trying to organise it as straightforwardly as possible.
We look forward to reading your submissions!

Deadline: 30 June 2020, 14:00, BXL time.

THE 2020 OPEN CALL concerns:
1. the production of one single-channel audiovisual work
2. the co-production of two audiovisual works with a grant of € 3,000 each
3. the in-kind support of 5 audiovisual works

Details about the open call:
1. if you apply to this option and are selected for it, acts as the main producer of your single-channel audiovisual work. will offer support throughout the different stages of your film production, from its development to its première. will attempt to get all necessary funds to realise your production, of which the total budget should not exceed € 100,000. Both on a practical level and content wise, will be responsive to your needs. Finally, your film will be part of the collection and we will provide you with worldwide non-exclusive distribution. Your final audiovisual work needs to be finalised by 31 December 2022 the latest.
2. if you apply to this option and are selected for it, supports your audiovisual work with a € 3,000 co-production grant. This grant can be combined with in-kind support (see details in point 3). Your production will be part of the centre for audiovisual arts collection and we will provide you with worldwide non-exclusive distribution.
The work needs to be finalised between 1 October 2020–31 December 2021.
3. If you apply to this option and are selected for it, supports your audiovisual work in-kind by making our editing studio and screening room available. In addition, your production will be part of the collection, with the possibility of distribution (yet not guaranteed). In order to help us evaluate your application: please indicate your needs (e.g. estimation of the amount of editing time in our studio; the amount of viewing sessions needed in our screening room), as well as a time frame between 1 October 2020–31 December 2021.

1/ Who can submit a project?
Individual artists or artist collectives based in Belgium.
2/ Which types of audiovisual works can be submitted?
1. The open call to produce one single-channel audiovisual work concerns works meant to be presented and shown in a screening context.
2. The open calls to support audiovisual works through the co-production grants and/or inkind support concerns both single-channel films and multi-channel installations.
THE 2020 OPEN CALL concerns feasible artist films and/or installations. In general, we are looking for atypical audiovisual works that offer an in depth, critical reflection on its subject matter and/or medium. Without belonging to a particular genre, the submitted works should be readable from within a variety of cultural and geographic contexts, and they should be primarily situated within the audiovisual arts.
3/ How to submit your project?
Applications must be sent as one PDF file to:
Please, use as subject of your e-mail: THE 2020 OPEN CALL / Title of your project
The PDF should include all mandatory elements listed below (see 4) and all texts need to be in centre for audiovisual arts English.
4/ What needs to be submitted?
In order to evaluate your project, we will need to receive the following items in one PDFdocument:
• A letter of intent in which you clearly state which grant you are applying for (the production
of a single-channel audiovisual work; the co-production of an audiovisual work; the in-kind
support of an audiovisual work) (250 words max.)
• Title of your project
• Pitch (50 words max.)
• Technical information (expected length, format, colour and/or black&white, sound, language(s) / subtitle(s) / captions, and – if applicable – technical installation rider)
• Synopsis (250 words max.)
• Description of your project’s relevance (150 words max.)
• Financial plan, including evidence of acquired funds (not mandatory for the open call for the production of a single-channel audiovisual work)
• Budget (roughly estimated budget for the open call for the production of a single-channel audiovisual work)
• Planning (from the beginning of your project until its desired première date) and current state of the project
• Audiovisual materials (5 photos and 2 video excerpts max.)
• CV of the artist(s) (1 page max. each)
• CV’s of the relevant participants/collaborators of the project (3 page max. total > only if applicable) Only complete applications will be evaluated.
5/ When does the project need to be submitted?
The deadline is 30 June 2020 at 14:00 BXL time.
6/ Who evaluates your application?
After your application is considered eligible, a jury composed of two team members (, one current visiting curator of centre for audiovisual arts
distribution ( and two artists will carefully evaluate it. The names of the jury members will be communicated early July 2020.
7/ When can you expect feedback?
We will confirm the receipt of your application, but we won’t be able to provide individual feedback. The selection procedure will take place over the summer. The selected projects will be communicated mid-September.
8/ More questions?
We are happy to answer all questions via e-mail. You can contact us at:
9/ About centre for audiovisual arts
Founded in 1989 in Brussels, is an institution and resource for the production and advancement of critical audiovisual arts, as well as for its distribution, conservation and restoration. makes exhibitions and programmes, distributes moving image works, and builds, preserves, and discloses a prominent collection of artist films and videos.

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