Open Call: Forecast’s mentorship program launches its Call for Proposals for the 2020/2021 edition. Six new mentors from different disciplines announced.


Forecast, the international mentorship program and interdisciplinary network for knowledge transfer based in Berlin, launches its Open Call for the 2020/2021 edition. The six mentors for the fifth edition are chef Manu Buffara (BR), curator Koyo Kouoh (CM), writer and researcher Evgeny Morozov (BY, US), visual artist and theater director Markus Öhrn (SE), musician Du Yun (China), and photographer and filmmaker Tobias Zielony (DE). From July 17–19, 2020, the Forecast Forum will present 18 select candidates. Six final works will be shown at the Forecast Festival on April 9 and 10, 2021, at radialsystem, Berlin.

Until March 1, 2020, artists and practitioners across all creative fields are encouraged to apply with projects that could benefit from the expertise of one of the mentors in this edition, and from that mentor’s unique approach to material and knowledge production. Since its first edition in 2015/2016, Forecast has been offering artists and creative thinkers from around the world the opportunity to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition. Forecast transcends neatly defined disciplines and genres to carve out space for the questions on the minds of the next generation of trailblazers.

Freo Majer, Artistic Director of Forecast: “The mentors we have invited for our fifth edition share an impressive work ethic—they operate responsibly, with precision and an ability to observe and listen closely. Their decisive and yet careful handling of materials and traditions distinguishes them. Instead of producing simple convictions, demands, or moralisms, all six mentors aim for a nuanced comprehension and approach to complexity.”

Forecast selects six different mentors for each edition, all accomplished in their respective fields, who determine the nature of every iteration. Eighteen candidates, three per mentor, will be invited to present their ideas at the Forecast Forum from July 17–19, 2020, at radialsystem in Berlin. At the end of the Forum, each mentor will select one concept to accompany to its realization.

The six mentees receive a production budget and an artist fee, and have nine months to realize their ideas. In addition to independent, ongoing exchanges with their mentor, this period also includes a one-on-one work-stay with the mentor at an international partner institution. The final projects will be presented to the public at the Forecast Festival, on April 9 and 10, 2021, at radialsystem.

Forecast’s fifth edition, dates 2020-2021:
Open Call: deadline March 1, 2020
Forecast Forum: July 17–19, 2020
Forecast Festival: April 9/10, 2021

The Mentors and Fields 2020/2021
Manu Buffara (BR)—Cooking for Change
Koyo Kouoh (CM)—Curating as Unearthing
Evgeny Morozov (BY, US)—Dissecting Technocapitalism
Markus Öhrn (SE)—Resistance through Duration
Du Yun (CN)—Future Traditions in Music
Tobias Zielony (DE)—Still Images, Loud Voices

About Forecast
The program was initiated in 2014 by Freo Majer. Forecast sets itself apart in Berlin by inviting prominent architects, designers, curators, and artists to participate in a mentorship program for talented individuals from all backgrounds. Forecast provides a transdisciplinary context for the fields in which these creative minds work and the questions they ask, and translates these into a concrete, tangible framework in the form of concerts, performances, installations, and exhibitions. Tulga Beyerle, Candice Breitz, Omer Fast, Hou Hanru, Okkyung Lee, Jürgen Mayer H., Bas Princen, and other luminaries have previously served as mentors. From 2015–2018, the Forecast Festival was coproduced by and held at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin. In 2019, Forecast started a a longterm cooperation with radialsystem.

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