Call: Foam Talent



Since 2007 the annual Foam Talent Call is the core step in Foam’s ongoing commitment to scout, present and support new generations of talented image-makers worldwide. The Foam Talent Call, and the Foam Magazine Talent Issue resulting from it, are Foam’s own yearly look on the ever-growing photographic community. The editors are curious to see new work from all around the world, looking for image-makers that have developed their voice and that have something to say. Who might have already produced a self-published book, maybe had a few exhibitions but haven’t had yet major publishing deals, major exhibitions or retrospectives. We strive for the Talent Programme to be a starting point in the artist’s career, rather than an arrival moment.

If you think your work is ready for international recognition, being selected as a Foam Talent is a career-building opportunity. Foam’s Talent Programme is devoted to supporting you and your work and consists of sharing a portfolio and commissioned text in Foam Magazine, exhibited across multiple Foam touchpoints, participation in the supporting Talent Programme throughout the year, and the opportunity for your work to be added to the prestigious Art Collection Deutsche Börse.

Selected artists receive

  • A portfolio in Foam Magazine’s Talent Issue, published in February 2022
  • International exposure and connection to new audiences by participating in (online) programmes and events
  • Work exhibited across multiple Foam touchpoints
  • The chance to become part of a prestigious collection. As a selected artist, your work could be added to the Art Collection Deutsche Börse, one of the most important collections of international contemporary photography
  • Meeting experts and peers. Foam gives you access to an extensive collection of industry professionals. It offers the opportunity to build up a network and gain recognition within the photography world
  • Compensation of € 700 as a selected artist in the full program

Entry fees

Standard entry fee is 25 EUR

About Foam

Foam is an Amsterdam based organisation with a focus on, and attention to relevant developments in contemporary photography. By scouting, presenting and supporting young, talented photographers and their work, Foam aims to discover and nurture exceptional quality of upcoming artists working with the photographic medium.

Special requirements

Only photographers between 18 and 40 years old (by Dec 31, 2021) can enter the Foam Talent Call.