Exhibition: Clemens von Wedemeyer – Affected Places


Hamburger Kunsthalle to 

Clemens von Wedemeyer works as an artist with the media Video and film. His oeuvre ranges between documentaries and feature films, reality and fiction. Within that overlapping artistic zone, von Wedemeyer explores the complexity of locations in the context of their temporal and spatial systems. The many facets of his work are reflected in the installations and photographs which accompany, enhance and expand his cinematic pieces and open multiple levels of perception. At the same time, von Wedemeyer focuses on the fundamental questions of representation as expressed in film and its alternative forms which he extends, distorts and visualises: the cinema is opened, the projection screen becomes transparent as the seam between the auditorium and backstage. The viewers themselves also serve as extras: Are we just the audience, or are we already part of the performance?