published on 9.9.2020

150/151 | 2020

In mid-February 2020, when we formulated the invitation to the authors and artists of the magazine issue at hand, the world still appeared to be a different place. Camera Austria International, established in 1980 by Christine Frisinghelli, Seiichi Furuya, and Manfred Willmann, is now celebrating its 150th edition with this double issue. If we consider […]


Opening 18.9.2020

Site-Specific (Public) Lessons | The City & The Good Life

To mark the “opening” of the multi-part project “The City & The Good Life,” the Camera Austria exhibition space will be simultaneously opened to the public and temporarily abandoned. The project team and their guests will set out for the Eggenberg district as part of a “relay race” and open an Echo Space there that […]


Opening 18.9.2020

Die Stadt & Das gute Leben
Graz Kulturjahr 2020

What’s become of the idea of ​​a good life (in the city and elsewhere) in a twenty-first century already well underway, considering that the pursuit of a “good life for all”—“Buen Vivir” or “Vivir Bien”—was accorded constitutional status in Ecuador (2008) and Bolivia (2009) and has since been the subject of international debate as an […]



Isa Rosenberger
. . . the vast land from which she comes

In her artistic practice, Isa Rosenberger turns her gaze again and again toward forgotten (or repressed) histories in order to open up a context for them in the present, and thus also to facilitate alternative readings of history. In the year 1934, at the Volksheim Ottakring in Vienna (today Adult Education Center Ottakring), a dance […]


published on 03. July 2020

Camera Austria International 150/151

The instability currently seizing the entire realm of art and culture has impacted our work as well. Due to temporarily closed exhibition spaces all over the world, and the related postponement and restructuring of agendas, the situation for art magazines has also become rather unpredictable. This in turn influences one’s ability to critically accompany and […]


published on 4.3.2020

149 | 2020

The contributions to the March issue of Camera Austria International focus on the potential inherent to an exploration of everyday regimes and on how democracy can unfold at the interfaces between public and private life.


published on 7.7.2020

Isa Rosenberger . . . the vast land from which she comes

Based on a dance evening put on by Gertrud Kraus in April 1934 at the Volksheim Ottakring in Vienna, Isa Rosenberger—with her project “. . . the vast land from which she comes”— tells of the rigorous search for answers, inviting us to embark on this quest with her, to share in her desire to […]


7.7.2020, 6 pm

Book presentation and talk
Isa Rosenberger . . . the vast land from which she comes

It is with pleasure that we invite you to the presentation of the artist’s book Isa Rosenberger . . . the vast land from which she comes which accompanies the eponymous exhibition, followed by a talk between the artist and Reinhard Braun. Based on a dance evening put on by Gertrud Kraus in April 1934 […]


Online exhibition and interview

Benjamin Jones
Nothing, Like Something, Happens Anywhere

What must come together in order for an image to be created? Perception, apparatus, darkroom, paper, chemicals, skills of the craft, body, time—photography is a complex and comprehensive “discursive order,” a dispositif from which images emerge and to which they remain tied. Important here is to develop an understanding not only of each respective image, […]


published on 18.5.2020

Martin Behr, Martin Osterider: Triester 15

Since 2003 the artists Martin Behr and Martin Osterider, both born 1964 in Graz, have been embarking on photographic forays into the Triester district of Graz, where they grew up. They always follow the same familiar paths, which both had regularly taken as children on family walks. Since 2013 the book series “Triester” has been […]


Online now!

Videos of the conference
Barricading the Ice Sheets

Today, the climate movement is stronger than ever. Polite protest is a thing of the distant past. Activists all over the world use mass civil disobedience tactics to disrupt climate-wrecking activities. This conference brings together a group of internationally respected climate movement protagonists working between art and activism. The artist-activists will discuss the movements’ methods, […]


published on 28.2.2020

Oliver Ressler (Ed.): Barricading the Ice Sheets. Artists and Climate Action in the Age of Irreversible Decision

Artists’ involvement in social movements has developed significantly over the last few years. Not so long ago, artists mainly contributed to the movements’ visual identity, creating banners, posters, websites, and so on. Today, however, artists and cultural producers increasingly tend to become central protagonists, whether as spokespeople or in shaping media tactics and broader strategy. […]



Jochen Lempert
Fotos an Büchern (Photos around Books)

Jochen Lempert (b. 1958) has a degree in biology and has been working since the early 1990s on a project, in which the perception of flora and fauna in systems of representation within the context of scientific research encounters the individual observation of the animal and plant world within an environment designed by humans. Through […]


published on 11.12.2019

148 | 2019

The topic of systemic change was the point of departure for our reflections on the issue at hand. The positions introduced here not only directly reference the related political transformations but also pursue the question of how far a political system reaches into everyday social life. Also thematized are the possible approaches taken by artists, […]

Camera Austria Award

Award ceremony on 6. December 2019

Lebohang Kganye

The Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography by the City of Graz, which is awarded biennially, will be bestowed on Lebohang Kganye (born 1990 in Katlehong, ZA) in 2019. The jury founded their decision to honour Lebohang Kganye with this award on the following statement: “Lebohang Kganye’s animated photography offers an inventive look into her […]


published on 27.11.2019

Ines Schaber: Notes on Archives 3. Picture Mining

In digital data banks, images travel more frequently from one archive to another than they did in analog archives. Sometimes images that are in the public domain are taken by commercial stock-image agencies and offered for sale. This is the case for a series of images of breaker boys in Pennsylvania that Lewis Hine made […]


published on 27.11.2019

Stefan Pente, Ines Schaber: Notes on Archives 5. Unnamed Series

Unnamed Series features a succession of artworks provoked by photographs that art historian Aby Warburg had taken as part of his travels to the Hopi Indians in 1898. Warburg noted that the images should never be published, but in the 1990s, the Warburg Institute in London made the images available as part of a glossy […]