published on 2.6.2021

154 | 2021

Presented in the issue at hand are artistic works characterized by hybrid media worlds and by approaches that field manifold media-immanent topics based on the immediate process of photography, while also probing the (post-)photographic dispositive, which is always embedded in the culture of the present day. A central point of focus here is the way […]


CURRENT: 12.6.–15.8.2021

Stephan Keppel
Hard Copies

The exhibition Hard Copies will show a selection of photographs by the Dutch artist Stephan Keppel, from his four extensive series of city portraits. Also presented will be a small portrait-in-progress of the artist’s visual answers to his first encounter with Graz on the occasion of this exhibition. Keppel’s way of working is marked by […]


from 17.5.2021

Reader Survey

Take our reader survey and participate in our prize draw! As a thank you for your helpfulness, we will raffle among all participants 5 annual subscriptions to Camera Austria International or optionally the book Julia Gaisbacher: One Day You Will Miss Me (2021) from the Edition Camera Austria. Click on the image to get to […]


published on 10.3.2021

153 | 2021

The artistic positions presented in this issue take very different approaches to dealing with opportunities for thematizing and reactualizing past experiences that also involve colonial or anti-Semitic violence, as well as to ultimately making them relevant to a contemporary context.


12.3. – 23.5.2021

If Time Is Still Alive
The City & The Good Life

The good life, and the life of the city, is now a question of both time and space. While we can see the effects of the spatial order of the pandemic on cities and publicness—with the distancing of bodies, the closing of shops and restaurants, et cetera—how does the temporal order become visible and understood? […]


published on 4.3.2021

Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber (Ed.): Bildungsmoderne entzaubern. Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Between 2013 and 2019, Vienna and Vancouver-based artists Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber, together with the Frankfurt urban sociologist Klaus Ronneberger, followed the relocation of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt from the Bockenheim district to the Westend. Their artistic research combines a sociological analysis of the change of location with a particular photographic focus […]


published on 4.3.2021

Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber, Guests & Hosts (Ed.): Unsettling Educational Modernism. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

The iconic architecture of the brutalist modernist megastructure of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada built by architect Arthur Erickson in the 1960s is the site of the artistic research project into the history of this “radical campus” and its built environment by Vancouver and Vienna based artists Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber. The collaborative […]


published on 9.12.2020

152 | 2020

In The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard states that “our house is our corner of the world” (p. 26), a place shaped by memories and reveries. Yet the domestic sphere is certainly not to be seen as a site for retreating into a state of self-focused interiority, especially not in times of social distancing and […]


published on 14. December 2020

Current Exhibition Programme

In the “Echoraum” (Echo Space) developed by Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch, the projects carried out in Eggenberg this year between June and October are translated into a presentation for Camera Austria’s interior space—joined by other projects specially designed for these rooms. In a time of crisis, the “Site-Specific (Public) Lessons” continue to be focused […]


extended until February 21,2021

Site-Specific (Public) Lessons | The City & The Good Life

To mark the “opening” of the multi-part project “The City & The Good Life,” the Camera Austria exhibition space will be simultaneously opened to the public and temporarily abandoned. The project team and their guests will set out for the Eggenberg district as part of a “relay race” and open an Echo Space there that […]


published on 9.9.2020

150/151 | 2020

In mid-February 2020, when we formulated the invitation to the authors and artists of the magazine issue at hand, the world still appeared to be a different place. Camera Austria International, established in 1980 by Christine Frisinghelli, Seiichi Furuya, and Manfred Willmann, is now celebrating its 150th edition with this double issue. If we consider […]


10. 10. 2020, 17:00

Online Artist Talk: Reflecting Pose

In the scope of FOTOGRAF FESTIVAL X, Margit Neuhold and Christina Töpfer, editors of Camera Austria International, speak with Anna Daučíková, Gabriele Stötzer, and Sophie Thun. The conversation will revolve around the subjects of (self) portrait, the performative exploration of the female body, and collaborative methods in the artists’ photographic work. ZOOM link to join: […]


Extended until May 2021

Die Stadt & Das gute Leben
Graz Kulturjahr 2020

What’s become of the idea of ​​a good life (in the city and elsewhere) in a twenty-first century already well underway, considering that the pursuit of a “good life for all”—“Buen Vivir” or “Vivir Bien”—was accorded constitutional status in Ecuador (2008) and Bolivia (2009) and has since been the subject of international debate as an […]



Isa Rosenberger
. . . the vast land from which she comes

In her artistic practice, Isa Rosenberger turns her gaze again and again toward forgotten (or repressed) histories in order to open up a context for them in the present, and thus also to facilitate alternative readings of history. In the year 1934, at the Volksheim Ottakring in Vienna (today Adult Education Center Ottakring), a dance […]


published on 03. July 2020

Camera Austria International 150/151

The instability currently seizing the entire realm of art and culture has impacted our work as well. Due to temporarily closed exhibition spaces all over the world, and the related postponement and restructuring of agendas, the situation for art magazines has also become rather unpredictable. This in turn influences one’s ability to critically accompany and […]


published on 4.3.2020

149 | 2020

The contributions to the March issue of Camera Austria International focus on the potential inherent to an exploration of everyday regimes and on how democracy can unfold at the interfaces between public and private life.