Opening: 14.6.2019, 7pm

Mladen Bizumic / Sophie Thun
Interiors of Photography

This exhibition brings together two artists living in Vienna who, though in different ways and from different perspectives, are nevertheless very comprehensively addressing central aspects of the photographic. In recent years, Mladen Bizumic has been intensely studying the details of Kodak’s company history, for which the first digital camera was developed as well. The company […]


published on 13.3.2019

145 | 2019

The contributions to the March issue of Camera Austria International probe the terrain between photography and cinematography; the themes of the artists introduced here range from the effects of historical photography and its usurpation for the causes of political ideology through the violent permeation of landscape and on to the initiation of a fictive dialogue […]


CURRENT: 9.3.–26.5.2019

Maria Hahnenkamp

Maria Hahnenkamp counts among the generation of artists whose work is already fundamentally shaped by feminist discourse. Her exploration of photography and of photographic image politics is thus also an examination of female image typologies. Instead of thematizing counter-images here, she is concerned with a manner of exposing the structural violence of the photographic images […]


CURRENT: 4.5. – 26.5.2019

Mara Novak
one to one goes one to ten

The exhibition “one to one goes one to ten” concludes a process that began in spring 2018 with the show “one to ten goes one to one” in the Gotische Halle in Graz. It is characteristic of Mara Novak’s work that she often develops and presents her photographs with and in concrete spaces, as an […]


21.5.2019, 6 pm

Lecture Bas Princen: Central Perspectives

Bas Princen will be holding a workshop at Camera Austria for IZK, TU Graz, students. The workshop deals with the (im) possibility of photographing nature in our day and age, and with its effect on the production and dissemination of images. In his lecture “Central Perspectives,” Princen will speak about his own work, specifically about […]


14.5.2019, 6 pm

Oliver Ressler
Barricading the Ice Sheets

In April Oliver Ressler started working on a PEEK project he initiated, “Barricading the Ice Sheets,” which is set to last three years. “Barricading the Ice Sheets” is a research endeavor by this artist and filmmaker featuring the international activities of the climate movement with a focus on the role played by artists and cultural […]


7.4.–17.5.2019, Landskrona Foto

Pierre Bourdieu: In Algeria. Testimonies of Uprooting.

The exchange between Camera Austria, Fondation Bourdieu and the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu between 2000 and 2002 led to a comprehensive project: he entrusted his entire archive of photographs taken during his fieldwork in Algeria between the years of 1958 and 1961 to Camera Austria with the intention of exhibiting and publishing these photographs for […]


3.5. – 5.5.2018


MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Fair brings together a wide selection of the most interesting artists/authors, artist periodicals and art publishers and is accompanied by a series of lectures, discussions, book launches and workshops exploring the boundaries of contemporary publishing and the possibilities of the book. Camera Austria will be part of the fair […]


2.5. – 6.5.2018

Frieze New York 2019

Featuring leading galleries from 26 countries, Frieze New York showcases an extraordinary cross-section of work, from today’s most exciting emerging artists to seminal figures of the twentieth century. Building on Frieze’s history as a platform for discovery and challenging the traditional art fair format, the eighth edition introduces new curators and collaborations with leading museum […]


published on 08. March 2019

Maria Hahnenkamp: What Does Photography Mean Here?

For many years, the artist has been investigating the possibilities presented by the photographic dispositif, with different visual regimes, or shadow and mirror formations, playing an essential role in the construction of (not only female) identity. In her photographic, textual, and haptic works, Hahnenkamp leads us through various reductions of the rendered material, thematizing not […]


published on 08. March 2019

Maria Hahnenkamp, 
Special Edition, 1995/2019.

The interpretational approach prevailing in many of these works draws on the psychoanalytical concept of Jacques Lacan, for whom the aspect of desire (désir) is tied to absence and moments of lack (manque).¹ For Lacan, desire “is neither the appetite for satisfaction, nor the demand for love, but the difference that results from the subtraction […]


published on 07. March 2019

Camera Austria International. Labor für Fotografie und Theorie

The objective of this publication is to trace and describe the artistic and institutional decisions that have influenced the work of Camera Austria, which has been made visible through numerous exhibitions and symposiums on photography and, since 1980, by the magazine Camera Austria International. Operating through a comprehensive network of photographers, academics, and art critics […]


2.4.2019, 6 pm

Screening Andrew Norman Wilson and Presentation Camera Austria International No. 145

On the occasion of the presentation of Camera Austria International No. 145 we cordially invite you to a film screening and drinks in our exhibition space in Graz. We are happy to present three filmic works by artist Andrew Norman Wilson, whose work “KODAK” (2018) is presented in the March issue of Camera Austria International. “Workers Leaving the […]


FOTO WIEN, 23.3.2019, 5.30 pm

Screening »Image Diplomacy« and Presentation Camera Austria International No. 145

In the scope of FOTO WIEN, we will present our spring issue, Camera Austria International 145. The contributions to this issue probe the terrain between photography and cinematography. The themes addressed by Studio for Propositional Cinema, Vladislav Shapovalov, Deborah Stratman, and Andrew Norman Wilson range from the effects of historical photography and its usurpation for the […]


23. – 24.3.2019

photobook market in the scope of FOTO WIEN

The photobook market, organized by the Fotohof edition in Salzburg, will take place in the Festivalzentrale for two days. Selected publishers and photobook dealers are offering their book and magazine releases, out-of-the-box rarities and book editions. Camera Austria will present various books that have been published with Edition Camera Austria recently as well as the […]


published on 10. February 2019

It’s a Book 2019 / Leipzig

Auch im Jahr 2019 findet »It’s a Book« parallel zur Leipziger Buchmesse in der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig statt. Wir präsentieren dort unsere Märzausgabe, Camera Austria International 145, mit Arbeiten von Studio for Propositional Cinema, Vladislav Shapovalov, Deborah Stratman und Andrew Norman Wilson sowie zuletzt in der Edition Camera Austria erschienene Publikationen und Back […]


8. - 10.3.2019

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend

The eighth edition of Duesseldorf Photo Weekend features more than fifty exhibitions with historical and contemporary positions of photography. Current photographic trends, questions with regard to the change of meaning of visual culture and society are addressed here in reflection with photography and its cultural history. Museums, galleries, and off spaces offer in addition to […]