Camera Austria Award

Award ceremony on 6. October 2023

Joanna Piotrowska

The Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography by the City of Graz, which is awarded biennially, will be bestowed on Joanna Piotrowska (born 1985 in Warsaw, PL, lives and works in London, GB) in 2023. The jury founded their decision to honor Joanna Piotrowska with this award on the following statement: “We are pleased to […]


10.10.2023, 5 pm

Riboflavin-5, GABA, View Source
Presentation by Elisabeth Molin
GRIP fellow 2023

It is our pleasure here to present Elisabeth Molin as the fellow for the Graz Residency for International Photographers (GRIP) 2023. This scholarship, which was initiated by the Kulturvermittlung Steiermark in collaboration with Camera Austria, was organized for the first time in 2022, with the aim of offering young artists a stay in Graz in […]


14.10.2023, 4 pm

Reading Between Clouds
Performative Reading by Lisa Holzer

In Reading Between Clouds, Lisa Holzer talks about listening between clouds, rain, Tennis, the hysteric’s questions, how to relate to the world, the body, Photoshop and weakness, wordless dreams, literalness, cereal and the real, family, photography, and how to picture relationships per se. She slowly walks backwards. Something quite literally or really comes/falls out of […]


17.10.2023, 7 pm

Artist talk
Georg Petermichl

In his group of works, Universal Thoughts (or whatnot) (2023), Georg Petermichl takes a look at his family of origin and inquires into the role of photography as a socially stabilizing and simultaneously analytical medium. The photographs of the family members used in the large-scale photographic installation reveal intimate relationships, deliberately over- or underexposing the […]


erschienen am 6.9.2023

163 | 2023

For many artists, part of their work is how to handle their archives or those of others. In reconsidering underlying practices of selection and presentation, they question them, shed light on their inherent power structures, and probe the gaps in storage to identify thematic developments and open them up to discussion. The current issue of […]


CURRENT: 16.9. – 12.11.2023


The group exhibition Exposure will be kicking off the curatorial project Fields of Focus, which investigates photographic practices within contemporary art in their respective social and political contexts. Serving as a point of departure are the terms exposure, reproduction, and transfer. Aside from their technical meaning within the field of photography, they open up currently […]


26.9.2023, 6pm

Book presentation & film screening
Oliver Ressler: Barricading the Ice Sheets

Since the mid-1990s, Oliver Ressler has been pursuing and documenting activistic movements across the world in areas related to social issues, work, the environment, and the climate. Indeed, he starts from the premise that documenting a movement contributes to its development, and that there is no such thing as a neutral point of view. Evoking […]


Out on September 9, 2023

Seiichi Furuya: Our Pocketkamera 1985

“I began the process of cleaning out my attic in the early months of 2018. The purpose was to sort through the piles of miscellaneous items that had been sitting around for decades and to dispose of anything unneeded. But the real purpose was to locate and sort through Christine’s belongings and preserve them. After […]


17.6.– 20.8.2023

Ištvan Išt Huzjan
A Poem Between Us

Ištvan Išt Huzjan’s artistic approach is based on the design of paths and routes, which he uses to probe the distance between people and spaces, but also to shed light on movement patterns between places and the kinds of motion involved. Many of his projects provide information about relationships among individuals, societal structures, and inherent […]


published on 7.6.2023

162 | 2023

Common to all photographic works considered in this issue is the introduced artists’ desire to explore, usually in the long term, gestural forms of representation and expression that are often implicitly inscribed both in human bodies and in bodies of work. This is brought to bear in different ways: in the intensive preoccupation with photographs […]


28.7.2023, 5pm

Apéro and Guided Tour

It is with pleasure that we invite you to an Apéro, followed by a guided tour with the artist Ištvan Išt Huzjan and curator Walter Seidl, in our current exhibition A Poem Between Us, on Friday, July 28, 2023, at 5pm. Together, they will speak about the five series shown in the exhibition: a number […]


4.6.2023, 14:00

Foto Wien 2023 – Panel
The Politics of Images: Photography and Commitment

Jonas Höschl, author of Politik von Medienbildern (Politics of Media Images), and Mira Anneli Naß will discuss the roles and positions in documenting political events and how supposed factuality and authenticity are generated based on certain image conventions and the reception of these images. They also examine how overlaps between contemporary critical art production, political […]



Lucie Stahl
Transit Interior

In both her photographic and sculptural work, Lucie Stahl explores the highly abstracted relationship of humans to their environment, and to other life forms. She sheds light on the abysses of those mechanisms that underpin the consumer societies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Her interest lies in a culture of extraction, in obsessive use […]


published on 16. March 2023

161 | 2023

The works presented in Camera Austria International no. 161 take a look at the charged realm of belonging, dislocation, migration, and identity. Compiled here are artistic positions that mediate these themes in very different ways, that focus on more than just the representation of an individual. Instead, the featured artists at times also operate in […]


14.4.2023, 6 pm

Book Presentation & Performative Reading:
Karina Nimmerfall. Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code]

It is with pleasure that we announce the presentation of the new publication of Karina Nimmerfall Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code] in the frame of a performative reading, followed by a conversation between the artist, Reinhard Braun (publisher), and Nicole Six (designer). Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code] unfolds from the history of the innovative research […]


published on 22. March 2023

Karina Nimmerfall: Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code]

Is this a real site or an imaginary one? Neither. An institution is treated in the utopian mode: * Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code] unfolds from the history of the innovative research culture of the RAND Corporation (the controversial Cold War think tank, founded in 1948), reflected in its largely unknown, now demolished modernist headquarters […]


published on 01. February 2023

OPEN CALL: Graz Residency for International Photographers

OPEN CALL – GRAZ RESIDENCY for INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS An initiative by Camera Austria and Kulturvermittlung Steiermark Place of residency: GRAZ, AUSTRIA We are delighted to announce the second round of a scholarship that Camera Austria and Kulturvermittlung Steiermark are collaboratively offering in the fall of 2023. The scholarship is intended as an opportunity for photographers […]