CURRENT: 18.3.–21.5.2023

Lucie Stahl
Transit Interior

In both her photographic and sculptural work, Lucie Stahl explores the highly abstracted relationship of humans to their environment, and to other life forms. She sheds light on the abysses of those mechanisms that underpin the consumer societies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Her interest lies in a culture of extraction, in obsessive use […]


published on 16. March 2023

161 | 2023

The works presented in Camera Austria International no. 161 take a look at the charged realm of belonging, dislocation, migration, and identity. Compiled here are artistic positions that mediate these themes in very different ways, that focus on more than just the representation of an individual. Instead, the featured artists at times also operate in […]


published on 22. March 2023

Karina Nimmerfall: Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code]

Is this a real site or an imaginary one? Neither. An institution is treated in the utopian mode: * Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code] unfolds from the history of the innovative research culture of the RAND Corporation (the controversial Cold War think tank, founded in 1948), reflected in its largely unknown, now demolished modernist headquarters […]


published on 08. March 2023

Special Offer: Plus One


published on 01. February 2023

OPEN CALL: Graz Residency for International Photographers

OPEN CALL – GRAZ RESIDENCY for INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS An initiative by Camera Austria and Kulturvermittlung Steiermark Place of residency: GRAZ, AUSTRIA We are delighted to announce the second round of a scholarship that Camera Austria and Kulturvermittlung Steiermark are collaboratively offering in the fall of 2023. The scholarship is intended as an opportunity for photographers […]



Günther Selichar: Nächtliches Realitätenbüro (revisited) & The Double You Series

Two evenings in Vienna and Graz are dedicated to the presentation of the two new publications of Günther Selichar: Nächtliches Realitätenbüro (revisited). Subtexte zur Arbeit in und mit Massenmedien / Nocturnal Office for Real(i)ties (revisited). Subtexts on Working in and with Mass Media, published on the occasion of his exhibition SUB | TEXTE (Camera Austria, […]


10.12.2022 – 19.2.2023

Günther Selichar

Since the early 1980s, Günther Selichar has been distinctly consistent in facing the production of images flooding us in the media and the related consequences for constantly changing media democracies. The focus of his photographic work is placed mainly on the material components of image production and the technology they are founded on. The Nocturnal […]


published on 01. December 2022

160 | 2022

Starting from the question of how analogue and digital photography currently interrelate, Camera Austria International no. 160 revolves around pivotal reflections on the perception of images, reflections that have accompanied photography since the medium’s inception, with its aspects being reconfigured anew, time after time. This interplay between apparatus, photographic dispositif, and its enmeshment in certain […]


published on 9. December 2022

Günther Selichar: Nocturnal Office for Real(i)ties (revisited). Subtexts on Working in and with Mass Media

The Nocturnal Office for Real(i)ties by Günther Selichar creates a space in which questions can be posed concerning the origins of photographic images and what lies “behind” them: the production processes, technology, distribution channels, and “SUB |TEXTE” that have decisively influenced and determined the conditions under which they were made. Created between 1981 and 1983, […]


published on 19. November 2022

Sandra Schäfer: Contested Landscapes

Contested Landscapes is dedicated to different rural regions—their landscapes, their producers, and their work. The paths of the family of the artist Sandra Schäfer and those of the famous German photographer August Sander cross in the Westerwald, a rural area in Germany shaped by farming and mining. A hundred years ago, the photographer August Sander […]


18.11.2022, 6pm

Rehearsals towards the Unforeseen:
A performative talk with Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński & Cindy Sissokho

For the last event in the frame of SEVEN SCENES, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński’s solo show at Camera Austria, the artist invited Cindy Sissokho, UK-based curator, cultural producer, and author of the text accompanying the exhibition. The two will be in conversation about their collaboration in the process of conceptualizing Seven Scenes, creating Black feminist breathing spaces, […]


Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński
Seven Scenes

Haunting and poetic in equal measure, the works of Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński—winner of the Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography by the City of Graz 2021—are closely tied to the exploration and questioning of colonial history and its legacy. They convey histories from the perspective of those who have hitherto been historically silenced. Here, Kazeem-Kamiński’s strategy […]


published on 15. October 2022

159 | 2022

Our reflections on the September issue of Camera Austria International started off with the question of how, and in what ways, images from the past talk about the present, how (visually) established narratives are critically challenged, and how they can be made productive for the future.


published on 25. July 2022

Stephan Keppel: Immer Zimmer

During his visits to Graz for his show Stephan Keppel: Hard Copies at Camera Austria in Graz, Stephan Keppel made walks in the city, collecting structures and surfaces. Keppel’s way of working is marked by intensive processes of walking, collecting, scanning, and printing (and rescanning and reprinting). Through his attention to detail in portraying structure […]


published on 15.6.2022

158 | 2022

Many of the contributions in this issue examine the question of how artists position themselves in the field of tension between creative and wage work, how it might be possible to revolutionize post-industrial forms of work from within, to design them in a socially compatible way, and to create an awareness of work that takes […]



Laura Mulvey & Peter Wollen –
Intersections in Theory, Film, and Art

Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen are best known as film theorists and filmmakers. As writers, they made highly influential interventions in film theory such as Mulvey’s Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema and Wollen’s The Two Avant-Gardes (both 1975). Between 1974 and 1983, the duo made six films together, seeking cinematic forms that investigated and countered […]