Exhibition: Eva Kot’átková. Stomach of the World


21er Haus, Vienna, 15. 11. 2017 – 11. 02. 2018

Eva Koťátková (born 1982 in Prague), the evolution of the self is a tightrope walk between internal and external pressures. Featuring a multitude of objects generating an expansive installation, her exhibition on the lower level of the 21er Haus revolves around the film “Stomach of the World” (2017), which forms the fulcrum of this thought.

“Stomach of the World” has a running time of 46 minutes and is exhibited in a loop. In this surreal yet humorous film, the world is experienced from the perspective of children performing a sequence of exercises. The young actors imagine the world as a body that ingests objects and subjects and transforms them. Koťátková drafts the notion of a world as a stomach filled with stomachs and with what they engulf; the world like a snake in whose belly stockpiles another snake. It’s all about the politics of eating or being eaten.

Curated by Severin Dünser