Elke Krystufek: Nein



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Graz, 2008
german/partly english
192 pages
13 cm x 20,3 cm

Edition Camera Austria

ISBN: 978-3-900508-73-9



The book Elke Krystufek: NEIN, with texts by Elke Krystufek, is being published for the exhibition “Responsible for a certain amount of luck” at Camera Austria. As a feminist artist, she questions conditions, particularly those of gender (also in the art industry).


The editorial for better orientorial orientation

Proof-reading, if you are familiar with my work, is of course a contradiction, but I still wanted to be proof-read just this once. A linguistic cosmetic operation. Art is one big personal preference, and talking about it always verges on slapstick. The nice thing about mistakes is when they are pointed out to you. The relief you hear when someone discovers a mistake, the joys of discovery that make the person discovering the mistake feel better, or to put it more aptly: I am preserving a profession – that of the first reader before the public. Pictures, though, are not proof-read. A good artist but she makes mistakes, thank god. My former art dealer’s favourite saying: You’re seeing it wrong. The rest is proofed out to make the book easier. The book focuses on its elegant outfit from Savile Row. So Jo Spence gets perfect styling after all, posthumously, a Cindy Sherman prosthesis and a Tracey Emin décolleté. You’ve got to have some kind of compensation after all.

Elke Krystufek: The editorial for better orientorial orientation, translation from: NEIN, Edition Camera Austria, Graz 2008