Stephan Keppel


Xerox print, A4 sized, on matt heavy weight paper

40 + 2 AP each

€ 120.– (incl. VAT) + postage

Angelika Maierhofer
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Edition for Camera Austria

Stephan Keppel
Fell, 2021.


Fell sounds like the Dutch vel, meaning “skin” as opposed to fur (hairy skin). Fell sounds like falling too, in the English past tense. In the exhibition Stephan Keppel: Hard Copies at Camera Austria (11. 6. – 15. 8. 2021), four large Fell prints, xeroxed by Keppel on a used Océ toner printer, are hanging on the wall as if falling down in a row of four from ceiling to floor. Each print slightly differs from the other. The printer has its hiccups, which Keppel tweaks to his benefit, turning bugs into features. Lines that the printer failed to print become graphic image elements. The Fell image originates in Graz. Apparently, it is the name of a barber shop, but does that still matter in this case? The hair has been replaced by paper fiber; the skin is made up from ink. Like Keppel’s other images, Fell does not need to stick to one particular image type. It may reappear in different guises, in exhibitions and books, or, on the occasion of Keppel’s exhibition, as an edition for Camera Austria. The toner was toned down to A4 size, showing a rephotographed fragment from the A0-sized “original.” The master (barber) is somewhere in Graz, where Keppel’s eyes fell on Fell on his first-ever visit to Graz in the spring of 2021 while preparing for the Hard Copies exhibition. Keppel photocopied the Fell off the wall and assigned it to new masters—free to go wherever the wind blows.


  • Stephan Keppel, Fell, 2021.

  • Stephan Keppel, Fell, 2021.

  • Stephan Keppel, Fell, 2021.

  • Stephan Keppel, Fell, 2021.