General Terms & Conditions

of Verein – Camera Austria – Labor für Fotografie und Theorie, represented by director and publisher Reinhard Braun, Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz, Austria.

I. Scope

The magazine Camera Austria International is published quarterly. The following Camera Austria conditions exclusively govern all related subscription contracts and also contracts involving the delivery of individual magazines and books from the Edition Camera Austria.

Camera Austria does not recognise any terms and conditions of the respective contractual partner that deviate from the present Camera Austria general terms and conditions. Any deviating terms and conditions will not become an integral part of the contract even if Camera Austria does not explicitly object to them. Upon placing an order, the exclusive validity of these terms and conditions is recognised by the customer.

II. Entering into a Subscription Contract / Start of Delivery

(1) The magazine Camera Austria International is published quarterly.

(2) Subscriptions may be ordered at:

Camera Austria
Lendkai 1
A-8020 Graz
F. 0043 (0) 316 81 555 09

(3) The subscription contract for the magazine automatically entails a minimum contract period of one year, which includes four issues of the magazine. It is possible to enter into a special agreement regarding a temporary subscription (trial and gift subscriptions).

(4) Once a subscription contract has been concluded into, Camera Austria will send out as the first delivery the issue of the magazine that has most recently been published at the time of the subscription order.

(5) Subscribers are required to inform Camera Austria of any change of address. Any delivery problems need to be addressed immediately.

(6) In order to obtain a reduced-rate student subscription, it is necessary to present valid student identification.

III. Renewal and Cancellation of Subscriptions

(1) There is a minimum contract period of one year starting on the day that Camera Austria receives the subscription order, unless a temporary contract period has been agreed upon (trial and gift subscriptions). The subscription contract is automatically renewed for a further year unless Camera Austria receives cancellation notice at least one month before the subscription year ends.

(2) In the case of temporary subscriptions (trial and gift subscriptions), the contract ends with the agreed upon contract cancellation date. It is not possible to cancel the contract prior to this time limit.

(3) If the two contractual parties extend a temporary subscription, then the same conditions apply as outlined above for the year-long subscription. Should a temporary subscription be extended, then the minimum contract period of one year starts on the day that Camera Austria receives the subscriber’s request for extension.

(4) All subscription cancellations should be sent in writing to the following address:

Camera Austria
Lendkai 1
A-8020 Graz
F. 0043 (0) 316 81 555 09

(5) The applicable cancellation date is the day that Camera Austria receives the cancellation notice.

IV. Right of Cancellation

(1) Orders for subscriptions or other magazine products by a client can be cancelled within two weeks of placing the order without stating any reasons, either in writing or by sending the product back. The deadline begins upon receipt of the contractual service, but no earlier than the receipt of these instructions. To comply with the cancellation time limit, it is sufficient that the cancellation notice and/or return of the ordered magazine or product be sent before the two-week period expires.

The written cancellation notice and / or the return of already delivered orders should be directed to the following address:

Camera Austria
Lendkai 1
A-8020 Graz
F. 0043 (0) 316 81 555 09

(2) In the case of effective cancellation, the mutually received services are to be restored. Mailable products in packages are subject to the sender’s own risk. The costs of sending the products back and the risk of accidental loss or damage during transport are the responsibility of the sender.

(3) Products that have been damaged by the purchaser will not be taken back.

V. Pricing, Changes in Rate, Terms of Payment, Shipping Costs

(1) The rates quoted by Camera Austria are final prices and already contain value added tax (VAT) when applicable.

(2) The rates and taxes quoted at the date an order is placed decisively determine the invoice amount.

(3) Terms of payment: payment in full within 30 days after the invoicing date (including mention of invoice number) by bank transfer to one of our accounts or by credit card or PayPal.

(4) Camera Austria does not grant any discounts.

(7) In the case of shipments to foreign countries, the purchaser is required to pay any taxes or customs fees that may be incurred. Shipping and handling costs will be charged at cost.

VI. Payment of the Subscription Rate

(1) The magazine subscription rate is invoiced ahead of time for the service period of at least one year.

(2) Shipping and handling costs are included in the subscription rate.

(3) Should the subscription rate be raised during the contract period, then the new rate will be charged starting at the beginning of the next year-long service period or of the first year-long service period after the subscription has been renewed.

(4) Payment for magazine subscriptions or for the purchase of products can be made by bank transfer to one of our accounts, by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB), or using PayPal.

VII. Delivery, Reservation of Proprietary Rights, Transport-Related Risks, Transfer of Risk

(1) Delivery is made ex warehouse and includes an invoice payable by the purchaser. The purchaser bears the risk of accidental loss or deterioration during shipping.

(2) Camera Austria retains ownership of the magazines and products that it sends out until all accounts have been settled by the purchaser.

(3) Any information about estimated delivery date is tentative, unless a binding delivery date has been named as an exception to the rule. Exceeded estimated delivery dates do not fundamentally entitle the purchaser to withdraw from the contract.

VIII. Warranty on Products

(1) Camera Austria must be informed of any product defects in writing immediately, or within 10 working days after delivery at the latest. The applicable date here is the day Camera Austria receives written notification. After 10 working days have passed, any claims on account of obvious product deficiencies are excluded.

(2) In the case of warranty claims, the purchaser initially has a claim to subsequent improvement or repair. If Camera Austria is not able to provide such improvement or repair, or if this should be delayed beyond reasonable time limits due to reasons for which Camera Austria is responsible, if it fails for any other reason or is not justifiable, then the purchaser is entitled to withdraw from the contract or to demand a proportionate reduction in the purchase price (decrease).

X. Limitation of Liability

(1) Camera Austria assumes no liability for the topicality, content-related accuracy, and completeness of the information contained in the magazine or present on the Internet website.

(2) Camera Austria in no way influences the design and content of external Internet pages. It therefore expressly distances itself from all outside content, even if Camera Austria has placed links to such external webpages. The same applies to all links displayed on the Camera Austria homepage and to all content of the pages to which banners and links lead, as well as to guest entries on the webpages established by Camera Austria.

XI. Data Protection

All personal data is fundamentally kept confidential. Only data necessary for processing orders is stored.

XII. Copyright

Camera Austria holds all copyrights, publishing rights, and intellectual property rights for delivered products and editions. Any and all commercial re-use and dissemination of texts and photographs from the magazine and Internet presence are prohibited.

XIII. Place of Fulfilment and Jurisdiction

(1) Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Graz, Austria. However, Camera Austria is entitled to assert claims against the purchaser in any other competent court of law.

(2) All contracts are subject to Austrian law. This also applies to orders from foreign countries and deliveries made abroad. Neither international private law nor the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) apply when orders are placed from or deliveries made in foreign countries.

XIV. Validity of the Terms and Conditions

(1) Additions and amendments to the contract must be in written form to be legally effective. Verbal collateral agreements are not valid.

(2) If individual provisions of this contract are or become invalid in full or in part, this shall not affect the remaining provisions of the contract. In the case of such invalidity, the contractual partners shall agree on a legally valid replacement provision that most closely resembles the invalid one in economic terms. The same applies should a loophole be found within the contract.

Graz, September 2013