Camera Austria at Portfolio Reviewing Days and the the festival’s bookshop

Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 10 am – 3 pm, Het Loodswezen
Thursday, June 28, 2018, 10 am – 3 pm, Het Loodswezen

AntwerpPhoto is an international photography biennial that showcases the latest in photography. With an elaborate festival week and high-profile exhibitions it inspires and invites visitors to dive into the world of photography and explore. The first edition of AntwerpPhoto runs from June 24 until September 30 in the Loodswezen (Piloting Building) in Antwerp.

On June 27 and 28 (aspiring) photographers have the chance to get their photographic portfolio reviewed by a series of professional reviewers. Participants will be able to choose from 30 international reviewers, from which they can select a maximum of 5 review sessions of 20 minutes each, combined into 100 minutes of professional reviewing.

Camera Austria International will be presented at the festival’s bookshop which brings together selected publications on photography within contemporary art offering magazines, artist books, and special editions to visitors.

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