Misalignments – Online artist talk between Sim Chi Yin and Gabrielle Moser


Online Artist Talk
Sim Chi Yin in conversation with Gabrielle Moser (author, art historian, and independent curator, Toronto)

In the scope of the exhibition Double Exposure


Thuesday, 7.12.2023, 16:00
In English
Online via Zoom

Please register here: registration@camera-austria.at


Sim Chi Yin, Climb, from: The Suitcase Is A Little Bit Rotten, 2023. Courtesy: the artist and Zilberman, Istanbul / Berlin / Miami.


An investigation of colonialism’s complex, transnational political entanglements and its traumatic effects on (family) biographies forms the starting point of Sim Chi Yin’s ten-year project One Day We’ll Understand. Inspired by research into the life of her grandfather, who was deported by the British colonial authorities to China in 1949—where he was executed shortly after—the artist has spent over a decade studying the Malayan Emergency, the anti-colonial war of 1948–1960, in what is today Malaysia and Singapore.

The Suitcase Is A Little Bit Rotten (2023) is an artistic intervention into a colonial picture archive. By grafting her grandfather and her child onto replica of laterna magica glass slides designed in the UK to advertise the British Malayan colony, Sim subjectifies the colonial gaze and expands the photographically mediated, cross-generational process of memory work. The second work in the exhibition, the two-channel film The Mountain That Hid (2022) takes us on a speculative journey following her grandfather’s exile route and his eventual death, conjuring the past from sites of memory.

Taking these two works within the exhibition Double Exposure as a starting point, Sim Chi Yin and Gabrielle Moser will enter into dialogue about the imperfections of imprinting memory and image intervention as a method of addressing the transgenerational trauma of colonialism.

The conversation will be held in English and will take place on Zoom. We kindly ask you to register in advance at registration@camera-austria.at.

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