Artist’s talk with Hans Hansen


Artist’s talk
with Hans Hansen and Reinhard Braun

7.5.2017, 3 pm
Exhibition space Camera Austria
Free admission

In the scope of aktuelle kunst in graz


Hans Hansen is widely considered to be one of the most important creators of product and still-life photography. His pictorial language evolved through a quest for simplification and by toying with form and alienation, usually based on his experiments with light. By using reduction and liberating objects from their contexts of origin, Hansen has succeeded in imbuing the photographic image with a sense of autonomy that references questions of representation extending far beyond the field of so-called product photography. It is for this reason in particular that the work of Hansen remains a recurring point of reference for a younger generation of artists who primarily move within the realm of photography. The exhibition was initiated by artist Annette Kelm and designer Hendrik Schwantes and was put together in collaboration with Hansen. It shows a subjective cross-section from his long-standing photographic practice—intermingling freelance projects and commissioned works. Therefore, the exhibition at Camera Austria thematizes the junctions between free and applied photography. “Atelier” introduces the work of an applied photographer who transcends the conventions and purported boundaries of applied photography by developing his own pictorial language and by integrating diverse influences from the visual arts and design.
“Atelier” is the fist solo presentation of the artist in Austria.