Eva Maria Ocherbauer: Still alive



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Graz, 1993
37 pages
21 cm x 29,5 cm
18 duplex and 4 colour plates

Edition Camera Austria

ISBN: 3-900508-13-5

Edited by: Eva Maria Ocherbauer, Edition Camera Austria


In her work “For Cordula”, Eva Maria Ocherbauer shows the sea as a couch where memories rest – memories of a very significant part of her life. These are experiences from the last years with her best friend, Cordi, one of the many lives lost to Aids. The couch is a monument, an accusing reminder of the fact that her friend will not return.This couch cannot be used to sit on. It is stuffed with soft wool, and upholstered with a printed fabric showing the stormy seas of Alicante. The images embedded in the six cushions are the flowers the living carry through time, believing it will be new and wonderful. But when the morning dawns, what they have in their hands is just a wilted bouquet of memories, so suited in its noble faded state to the herbarium of love.