Michael Janiszewski: Fotoarbeiten 1990 -1999



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Graz, 2000
88 pages
30 cm x 21,5 cm
21 b/w plates, 48 colour plates
cloth, jacket

Edition Camera Austria

ISBN: 3-900508-30-5


“In Janiszewski‘s (born 1957 in Berlin) photography, gender enactment is an omnipresent subject, but here it also acts as a means for Janiszewski to deal with other issues. For example, with the aid of masks and costumes he digs into the realm of politics and religion, the realm of order, hierarchy and faith. With a will to anarchy, he undermines these areas with grotesque humour. Anarchy becomes a desideratum, while melancholy and despair lie dormant in the background.” (Heinz Schütz, in: Michael Janiszewski, Photographs 1990 – 1999, Edition Camera Austria, Graz 2000)