Book Presentation & Performative Reading:
Karina Nimmerfall. Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code]


Book presentation

14.4.2023, 6 pm
Exhibition space Camera Austria
Performative Reading, followed by a conversation between Karina Nimmerfall (artist), Reinhard Braun (publisher), and Nicole Six (Designer).


It is with pleasure that we announce the presentation of the new publication of Karina Nimmerfall Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code] in the frame of a performative reading, followed by a conversation between the artist, Reinhard Braun (publisher), and Nicole Six (designer).

Unintentional Monument [The Matrix Code] unfolds from the history of the innovative research culture of the RAND Corporation (the controversial Cold War think tank, founded in 1948), reflected in its largely unknown, now demolished modernist headquarters building in Santa Monica, California. The book presents a search of the lost building within a network of time, history, events, and locations, blurring the boundaries between the documentary and the speculative. Following the think tank’s influence on contemporary debates about technology, architecture, and interdisciplinary research settings, it interweaves computer-generated images and narrated research notes generated from historical and contemporary sources, thus inviting a rereading of the complex entanglement between visual arts, science, politics, and economics within current knowledge production.