Book Presentation
Julian Slagman: Looking at My Brother


Julian Slagman: Looking at My Brother
Book Presentation and Artist Talk mit Eva Maria Ocherbauer

20.6.2024, 18:00
Exhibition space Camera Austria
In German language
Free admission

Julian Slagman, aus / from: Looking at My Brother,


The central element in Julian Slagman’s photography is transience, an emotional look at the impermanent existence of a state, a moment, a person. In his book Looking at My Brother, released in May 2024 by Disko Bay (Copenhagen, DK), Slagman compiles pictures of his two younger brothers Mats and Jonah taken over the past ten years. In gingerly captured, almost casual photographs, he documents how they come of age and begin to establish their own world.

From individual portraits to shared moments, the images offer a poignant exploration of childhood, growth, and the passage of time. This work deals not least with the vulnerability of the body and the brutality of the scars that Mats sustained from his scoliosis operation. Such corporeal memories are contrasted with the resilience and strength that the two brothers embody through the process of growing up and the state of brotherhood.

Together with Eva Maria Ocherbauer, Slagman will delve into the vulnerable relationship between photography and time.