Vera Tollmann: View from Above


Vera Tollmann: View from Above
Lecture accompanying the exhibition
Alexandra Leykauf: Prospect

In the scope of aktuelle kunst in graz—Gallery Days 2024

10.5.2024, 4 p.m.
Exhibition space Camera Austria
In German language
Free admission

On occasion of the opening of the Gallery Days 2024, the exhibition will remain open until 9 p.m.

Alexandra Leykauf, Aussicht/Vignette (Kuwasseg), 2024.

Alexandra Leykauf
Camera Austria 2024
Photo: Markus Krottendorfer


“We bring to our gaze habits and conventions,” noted the author and art critic John Berger in the early days of his legendary BBC television series Ways of Seeing (1972). The three-part series deals with the conditions that prevail when we look at art: What role do venues, reproduction techniques, and viewing habits play in this context? The artist Alexandra Leykauf transforms her historical photographic material—the “envisaged,” according to Kaja Silverman, or the “What-is-given-to-see”—and stages it in large format, sculpturally, in the exhibition space. Thematized here is the visible world and (un)familiar means of representation, with optical media (including maps and aerial shots), models, and reproduced paintings converging in Leykauf’s work through a wealth of materials. Circling around Leykauf’s post-photographic “visual school,” this lecture by Vera Tollmann moves beyond Berger’s questions to reflect on the early and contemporary situations in aerospace image archives, which make room for turbulence and immersion effects.