Markus Krottendorfer
At New Moon Tomorrow



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Graz, 2016
with texts by Reinhard Braun, Anette Freudenberger, Bernhard Kellner, Thomas Wisser
96 pages ger./engl.
16,5 × 22,5 cm
numerous b/w and colour illustrations

Edition Camera Austria

ISBN 978-3-902-911-28-5


In his new project, Markus Krottendorfer shows interest in the manipulative moments of pictorial regimes, in questions related to artifice, invention, fabrication, and deception. An invented mountain range in Africa and a falsified skull found in Great Britain play a pivotal role here. Two seemingly unrelated circumstances that nonetheless share a common history: describing and classifying them, verifying their origins, and drafting their future, all from the centre of a fictional world. Instead of being motivated to set right against wrong, Krottendorfer seeks to reconstruct the power inherent to establishing the undecidability of this question. He avails himself of a manner of deception, remaining fragmentary, essayistic, associative, while employing the seductive power of aesthetics. In the context of other projects of recent years, the impression arises of a certain revival of the futility of occupying that place from which origins or certainty for the future can be viewed.