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Martin Behr, Martin Osterider: Triester


Series of 10 artist’s books,
Volume 1 – 9: each 32 pages, appr. 25 illustrations
Volume 10: with texts from Helene von Schwichow, Sandra Hubinger, Katrin Fritsch, Kadisha Belfiore, Lea Leuenberger, Frank Ruf, Christoph Herbert, Andrea Iten, Alexander Stolle

14 x 21 cm, staple binding
Cover: silkscreen and embossing
Graphic design: Satz & Sätze, Graz

Edition Camera Austria 2013/2014/2015

Price for each volume: EUR 7,90
Price for vol. 1 – 9: EUR 53,00

Volume 1: 978-3-900508-98-2
Volume 2: 978-3-900508-99-9
Volume 3: 978-3-902911-00-1
Volume 4: 978-3-902911-01-8
Volume 5: 978-3-902911-02-5
Volume 6: 978-3-902911-03-2
Volume 7: 978-3-902911-04-9
Volume 8: 978-3-902911-05-6
Volume 9: 978-3-902911-09-4
Volume 10: 978-3-902911-20-9

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Press Information

Since 2003 these two artists, both born 1964 in Graz, have been embarking on photographic forays into the Gries settlement, where they were raised, in the eponymous district of Graz—independently of one another and on a regular basis.
Each of the nine books shows a different cross-section of the image material, yet without any kind of chronological or topographical order. Each respective volume is rather distinguished by unique urban iconography arranged in an associative way: paths, building typologies, surfaces, residuals, the margins between private and public. Isochromatic spines signify the interconnection among the books.
For the tenth volume, authors and designers from Vienna, Berlin, and Basel have written texts—at times directly referencing the photographs made since 2003. The asserted, experienced, or sensed ghetto becomes a place that is both real and metaphorical: an economic and aesthetic battleground, but also a niched sphere populated with residual areas, idylls, and cloud cuckoo lands.
Within and among these ten books, references and connections generally arise—between the images, between the pictures and texts—where none appear to exist. And discoveries emerge that are owed to this absolutely unsystematic arrangement of words and images.


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