Online Artist Talk: Reflecting Pose


Artist Talk: Reflecting Pose
With Anna Daučíková, Gabriele Stötzer, and Sophie Thun

A collaboration between FOTOGRAF FESTIVAL and Camera Austria International

Saturday, 10. 10. 2020, 5:00 pm
The talk will be held in English

Talk Reflecting Pose, Fotograf Festival X, 2020. Photo: Sophie Thun, Crouching, 2018.


In the scope of FOTOGRAF FESTIVAL X, Margit Neuhold and Christina Töpfer, editors of Camera Austria International, speak with Anna Daučíková, Gabriele Stötzer, and Sophie Thun. The conversation will revolve around the subjects of (self) portrait, the performative exploration of the female body, and collaborative methods in the artists’ photographic work.

ZOOM link to join:
or live stream via the Facebook page of FOTOGRAF FESTIVAL

We have collaborated with each of the artists either in the magazine Camera Austria International no. 148 (2019) or no. 142 (2018). The work of Gabriele Stötzer and Sophie Thun is presented at the Fotograf Festival in Prague where Anna Daučíková is also based. The photographers and filmmakers invited to Fotograf Festival X present their visions, observations or studies of a specific place, everyday practices, or life. They question their own motivation and make the collision, the boundary, the approximation, and permeability between “I” and the Other visible or palpable.

Curators: Stephanie Kiwitt, Tereza Rudolf, Anna Voswinckel

Image: Sophie Thun, Crouching, 2018. Courtesy: Sophie Tappeiner Gallery, Vienna.