UPCOMING: Opening June 10, 8 pm

Friedl Kubelka:
Atelier d’Expression (Dakar)

“Friedl Kubelka: Atelier d’Expression (Dakar)” introduces the artist’s most recent work. Reflection on her own role as an artist, which is related to the decision to increasingly withdraw her previous artistic work from the systems governing the art market, coincides with Kubelka’s interest in people who are engaging in artistic activity while remaining outside the […]


12.3. – 22.5.2016

Shirana Shahbazi
Group Show

For the exhibition at Camera Austria, Shirana Shahbazi reviewed her archive and brought her works of the past fifteen years into a new constellation—a constellation that appears to elude access at first glance, seemingly characterised by contradictions, leaps, and disruptions. It is for this reason that the exhibition title thrust itself upon us, so to […]


released on 21 March 2016

133 | 2016

The idea behind the issue at hand deals, both loosely and inevitably, with two contrary moments in contemporary photography. On the one hand, questions are currently revolving around what photography even still is, how we can glean an image from vision, how we can “act upon” this image, and how it must be almost violently […]


published on 20. March 2016

Happy last year!


25.4.2016, 18:30

Violence at the Threshold of Detectability: Lecture with Eyal Weizman

In the course of the IZK – Institute for Contemporary Art Theory Series 2016, Eyal Weizman introduces with his lecture Violence at the Threshold of Detectability the work of  Forensic Architecture – an agency composed of artists, filmmakers and architectural researchers – that operates at the intersection of architecture, violence and law. Using architecture as sensor and agent to analyse […]



6.4.16, 19:00

Peripherie und Ungleichzeitigkeit: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Henri Lefebvre und Jacques Tati als Kritiker des fordistischen Alltags

Tati und Pasolini? Der Komiker und der Dramatiker? Leichte Unterhaltung und schwere Geschütze? Wie geht das zusammen? Auf den ersten Blick mag es abwegig erscheinen, einen Vergleich zwischen dem italienischen Schriftsteller und Filmemacher Pasolini, dem französischen Philosophen und Raumtheoretiker Lefebvre sowie dem Regisseur und Satiriker Jacques Tati anzustellen. Beim näheren Hinsehen finden sich zwischen den […]


19.3.16, 12:00-21:00

It’s a book 2016 / Leipzig

We had a great time in Leipzig! Thank you for your interest in our edition of artist books and the latest issue of Camera Austria International. The issue #133 revolves around the fragility of photographic images at the margins between clarity, directness, vagueness, openness, abstraction. With Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili / Jens Asthoff – Mladen Bizumic / Stephen Zepke – […]


17.3.2016, 18:00

Camera Austria International 133 Magazine Release

We cordially invite you to the presentation of Camera Austria International 133. Come along, have a drink, meet friends and have a look into our new exciting release – even before you can catch it at your favorite bookshop! The first issue of Camera Austria International in 2016 revolves around the fragility of photographic images […]


released on 7. December 2015

132 | 2015

Processes that newly determine the distribution of political, social, cultural, and economic agency have long been playing out—not just starting with the events currently culminating around flight and migration in Europe—attesting to dislocation in terms of geography and politics. These processes of redistribution not only point to the future, to a different tomorrow, but also […]


12.12.2015 – 21.2.2016

Efrat Shvili
The Jerusalem Experience

In some places it is perhaps still possible to encounter the past in an unmediated way, to meet archaeology without the help of 3D guides, to imagine places without the aid of simulation or replicas, and even to see things without being told what it is that one sees. But this is often not  the […]


published on 04. December 2015

Martin Behr, Martin Osterider: Triester

Since 2003 these two artists, both born 1964 in Graz, have been embarking on photographic forays into the Gries settlement, where they were raised, in the eponymous district of Graz—independently of one another and on a regular basis. Each of the nine books shows a different cross-section of the image material, yet without any kind […]


published on 02. December 2015

Martin Behr, Martin Osterider: Triester
Single Volume

Since 2003 these two artists have been embarking on photographic forays into the Gries settlement, where they were raised, in the eponymous district of Graz—independently of one another and on a regular basis. They always take the same two paths, ones they had both often traversed during childhood on walks with family or relatives: the […]

Camera Austria Award

Preisverleihung am 10. December 2015

Annette Kelm

The Camera Austria Award for Contemporary Photography by the City of Graz, which is awarded biennially, will be bestowed on German artist Annette Kelm in 2015. The jury founded their decision to honour Annette Kelm with this award on the following statement: “Annette Kelm’s intricately produced images are bound to a history of photography—not only […]


published on 04. November 2015

Martin Behr, Martin Osterider: Triester


published on 23. October 2015

The Militant Image Reader

The Militant Image Reader brings together eight diverse texts from theorists and artists from Europe and North America that speculate on the relationship of artistic representation and social change today. This publication engages with the militant image rather than seeking to define it. The militant image is as multiple as theories of social change and […]



To What End?

The exhibition “To What End?” raises questions about future models of existence by looking at countries that have undergone moments of crisis in political, social, and economic terms driven by every possible force of intervention (Egypt, Greece, Japan, Nagorno Karabakh Republic, the United States). Exploring new ways of thinking about the agency of subjects with […]


Prague, 1. 10. – 31. 10. 2015

What Was Documentary Is Now Something Else

The crisis of the documentary, expressed during an age in which more images are being produced and circulated than ever before, possibly relates to the equally enduring crisis of valid political, social, and economic agreements. This also causes the agreements about various forms of knowledge production to automatically begin to falter. When the nurturing of […]