UPCOMING: 25.9.–20.11.2016

Markus Krottendorfer
At New Moon Tomorrow

In his new project, Markus Krottendorfer shows interest in the manipulative moments of pictorial regimes, in questions related to artifice, invention, fabrication, and deception. An invented mountain range in Africa and a falsified skull found in Great Britain play a pivotal role here. Two seemingly unrelated circumstances that nonetheless share a common history: describing and […]


published on 28. July 2016

Stefanie Seufert: Wood Survives in the Form of Postholes

So, for example, various arrangements as if shot directly from above with a repro camera of flat, transparently translucent, potato-slice-like ovals—pastel-light-hued, seemingly completely disembodied, almost a bit like watercolour-like shadows of something, floating before a nearly neutral white. But shadows of what? It almost reminds me of … ? Exactly, the title then indeed says […]


published on 27. July 2016

until 28 August!


released on 13 June 2016

134 | 2016

The artists introduced here by our guest editor Maren Lübbke-Tidow are connected by the radicality of their thought and action, as well as by the way in which they subvert and overcome visual conventions. The flickering visual appearances of their image worlds refer to specific aesthetic experiences and aesthetic knowledge. Everyday contemporary cultural surface aesthetics […]


11.6. – 14.8.2016

Friedl Kubelka:
Atelier d’Expression (Dakar)

“Friedl Kubelka: Atelier d’Expression (Dakar)” introduces the artist’s most recent work. Reflection on her own role as an artist, which is related to the decision to increasingly withdraw her previous artistic work from the systems governing the art market, coincides with Kubelka’s interest in people who are engaging in artistic activity while remaining outside the […]



25. 06. – 03. 07. 2016

f/stop Festival für Fotografie Leipzig 2016, Gespräch Ariella Azoulay und Reinhard Braun

the end of the world as we know it ist der Beginn einer Welt, die wir nicht kennen Ähnlich wie das Märchen über Jahrhunderte ein brauchbares Medium der oralen Vermittlung gesellschaftlicher Erfahrung war – für Traumata ebenso wie für das Alltägliche –, wurde es die Reportage im 19. Jahrhundert in den amerikanischen und europäischen Städten, […]


published on 16. June 2016

Friedl Kubelka: Atelier d’Expression (Dakar)

»Friedl Kubelka: Atelier d’Expression (Dakar)« introduces the artist’s most recent work. She visited the Atelier d’Expression in Dakar. a psychiatric clinic in Senegal, which gives patients an opportunity to pursue, among other things, artistic activity. Portraits and artworks of the patients are shown in the book., supplemented by Kubelka’s own travel experiences. The book features […]


22. 6. 2016

Camera Austria International 134 Magazine Release

Our summer issue is out! We are happy to anounce Camera Austria International 134 which has been conceived by guest editor Maren Lübbke-Tidow and features contributions by Annette Frick, Isa Genzken, Ken Okiishi, and Stefanie Seibold. The artists are connected by the radicality of their thought and action, as well as by the way in […]


5.7.2016, 6 pm

TRIESTER: book presentation and music

Seit 2003 werden von den beiden in Graz geborenen Künstlern Martin Behr und Martin Osterider unabhängig voneinander in regelmäßigen Abständen fotografische Streifzüge durch die gleichnamige Siedlung im Grazer Stadtteil Gries unternommen, in dem beide aufwuchsen. Sie folgen dabei zwei Wegen, die beide in der Kindheit bei Spaziergängen oftmals mit Familie oder Verwandten gegangen sind – […]


14.6. - 18.6.2016

Liste 2016 / Basel

The brandnew issue Camera Austria International 134 with contributions by Isa Genzken, Annette Frick, Ken Okiishi, and Stefanie Seibold is available at the magazine section of LISTE Basel from June 14 to 19. With a range of selected galleries, the fair introduces positions by emerging artists.


10.6. – 13.6.2016

Miss Read 2016 / Berlin

At this year’s edition of Miss Read, we present the latest issue of Camera Austria International (134) with contributions by Isa Genzken, Ken Okiishi, Stefanie Seibold, and Annette Frick hot off the press, alongside new books published in the Edition Camera Austria. Together with the collective Urban Subjects (Sabine Bitter, Jeff Derksen, Helmut Weber) we will introduce two of their […]


12.3. – 22.5.2016

Shirana Shahbazi
Group Show

For the exhibition at Camera Austria, Shirana Shahbazi reviewed her archive and brought her works of the past fifteen years into a new constellation—a constellation that appears to elude access at first glance, seemingly characterised by contradictions, leaps, and disruptions. It is for this reason that the exhibition title thrust itself upon us, so to […]


released on 21 March 2016

133 | 2016

The idea behind the issue at hand deals, both loosely and inevitably, with two contrary moments in contemporary photography. On the one hand, questions are currently revolving around what photography even still is, how we can glean an image from vision, how we can “act upon” this image, and how it must be almost violently […]


25.4.2016, 18:30

Violence at the Threshold of Detectability: Lecture with Eyal Weizman

In the course of the IZK – Institute for Contemporary Art Theory Series 2016, Eyal Weizman introduces with his lecture Violence at the Threshold of Detectability the work of  Forensic Architecture – an agency composed of artists, filmmakers and architectural researchers – that operates at the intersection of architecture, violence and law. Using architecture as sensor and agent to analyse […]


6.4.16, 19:00

Peripherie und Ungleichzeitigkeit: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Henri Lefebvre und Jacques Tati als Kritiker des fordistischen Alltags

Tati und Pasolini? Der Komiker und der Dramatiker? Leichte Unterhaltung und schwere Geschütze? Wie geht das zusammen? Auf den ersten Blick mag es abwegig erscheinen, einen Vergleich zwischen dem italienischen Schriftsteller und Filmemacher Pasolini, dem französischen Philosophen und Raumtheoretiker Lefebvre sowie dem Regisseur und Satiriker Jacques Tati anzustellen. Beim näheren Hinsehen finden sich zwischen den […]


19.3.16, 12:00-21:00

It’s a book 2016 / Leipzig

We had a great time in Leipzig! Thank you for your interest in our edition of artist books and the latest issue of Camera Austria International. The issue #133 revolves around the fragility of photographic images at the margins between clarity, directness, vagueness, openness, abstraction. With Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili / Jens Asthoff – Mladen Bizumic / Stephen Zepke – […]


17.3.2016, 18:00

Camera Austria International 133 Magazine Release

We cordially invite you to the presentation of Camera Austria International 133. Come along, have a drink, meet friends and have a look into our new exciting release – even before you can catch it at your favorite bookshop! The first issue of Camera Austria International in 2016 revolves around the fragility of photographic images […]